Bathroom Design Ideas for 2023

Both in stores and on specialized websites, we find a wide range of materials for decorating a bathroom – porcelain or non-porcelain tiles, travertine, stone, or quartz versus ceramic tiles, rectangular or square tiles – a large variety of colors, and different prices. Although the final decision will be strongly influenced by personal taste and the needs of each family member, a few characteristics are defining when choosing to decorate the bathroom.

Ceramic tiles remain at the top of preferences, both for specialists and consumers, when it comes to decorating rooms with high humidity and constant temperature changes, such as bathrooms.

Furthermore, the bathroom is a place where cleanliness must be maintained, so the frequent use of strong substances is absolutely necessary. Therefore, tiles for both walls and floors are most often used and recommended for their decoration. Moreover, they have a clean and fresh appearance and are easy to maintain, requiring only a simple cleaning with usual substances, not special ones.

In addition, ceramic tiles do not require special treatment after installation and have a lifespan of decades. The porosity of the tiles is extremely important, especially when they are to be installed in rooms that require moisture-resistant floors. Porosity is defined by the ratio of air gaps to the solid mass of the tiles. This influences the percentage of water absorbed in the tiles. Thus, the denser a tile is, the less water it absorbs because it has fewer air gaps.

To avoid slip and fall accidents, it is absolutely necessary to use tiles with a high degree of adhesion. Porcelain ceramic tiles with matte surfaces and especially those with relief or porcelain mosaics confer good safety against slipping.

For an extra layer of protection, CESAROM offers the safe+ range. Safe+ porcelain tiles are treated irreversibly with a colloid dispersion of silver nanoparticles (AgNP), protection embedded in the composition of the tiles before firing. By firing them at 1200 °C, an intrinsic, hygienic, bacteriostatic barrier is created that does not degrade over time.

All CESAROM ceramic tiles meet American and European industry standards. You can consult the antibacterial testing certificates carried out by the German laboratory QualityLabs BT GmbH for the safe+ protection here.

Design Ideas

When it comes to decorating a bathroom, white and shades of gray/beige predominate because they offer a feeling of calm, comfort, light, and good cheer. These are eye-friendly colors, that allows for relaxation, especially after a long day at work. However, in 2023, colors are making a comeback. From strong, vibrant tones to a richer palette of powerful colors and glossy finishes, we’re seeing a shift away from the neutral colors that have dominated trends in recent years, bringing a sophisticated touch to your space.

Black remains on-trend, whether we’re talking about accents (bathroom accessories and/or sanitary objects) or large ceramic tiles, which create an imposing and very elegant space.

Terracotta shades of red are in trend in 2023 and allow for sophisticated arrangements when combined with a neutral shade of gray or cream.

Intense colors make an impression in decor with exotic or floral botanical motifs in shades of dark green, blue, and red. These decorations create wallpaper-like images that can cover an entire wall in a bathroom or kitchen backsplash.

Terrazzo ceramic tiles – a design with colored stone inlays that entered the interior design trend in 2022 – become the star of 2023 in a variety of color combinations and matte and glossy finishes. Through colors and effects, they create a strong decorative impact and are thus an important option for finishing walls in personalized arrangements, not just for covering floors.

Large porcelain ceramic tiles with Onyx marble design in a variety of shades and finishes create an elegant, luxurious look in a decorated bathroom. These ceramic tiles successfully replace natural rocks, which require special and careful maintenance.

Small Apartment Bathroom Design Ideas

If your goal is to transform the classic look of an apartment bathroom into a modern, or even luxurious one, mosaic tiles are a good choice. Not only do they offer dynamism, but they also add color and shine to any room. Square, rectangular, or other geometric-shaped mosaic pieces are associated with the model or collection chosen for wall or floor tiling. Mosaic sheets can be cut and create an option for decorating a limited portion of the wall, which brings a decoration solution in small bathrooms.

Another way to give your bathroom a unique style is to decorate a wall or just a section of it with a darker shade. For this purpose, the same type of tile can be used, but in a much darker shade or even decorative tile. A wide range of colors is available on the market, in a variety of geometric elements inspired by nature to inspire you.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

For those who prefer to approach a modern style in bathroom design, the recommendations are to use 3D tiles with glossy surfaces and light shades, geometric or Terrazzo-style motifs, and not least, to use mosaics. With the help of ceramic decorations or mosaics that bring vibration, a bathroom with monochrome tiles and neutral shades will become modern.

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

When we’re not limited by space and want a more surprising, rustic look, we can play with different colors and textures. That’s why patch tiles have become very popular for tiling bathroom surfaces. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, they offer you the chance to test your creativity. Whether you want to add color to your space or create a more interesting look, the rustic style will surely come with a touch of personality. By using decorative arches, it offers a sense of space and depth, while floral textures bring an elegant note to the ambiance.

CESAROM offers countless types of wall and floor tiles that are ideal for bathrooms. Our collection can be consulted here.