What is CESAROM save+ and how does it work

The CESAROM® safe+™ antibacterial floor tile range, created with care for the health of you and your loved ones, incorporates silver nanoparticles into the structure of the tiles that have an antibacterial role by actively eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and microbes, inhibiting mold development, and bacterial spread.

The embedded silver nanoparticles do not affect the quality, structure, or shade of the ceramic tiles, so they allow you to continue to enjoy a design that inspires you every day, while the silver nanoparticles released on the surfaces destroy the proteins of pathogens.

The protection offered by the ceramic tiles from the CESAROM® safe+™ collection does not require activation with UV devices and is guaranteed throughout the lifetime of the CESAROM® safe+™ tiles, both indoors and outdoors, regardless of the season or weather conditions, so that you can enjoy your favorite activities without worrying.

Silver nanoparticles embedded in the glaze of CESAROM® safe+™ tiles actively kill 99.99% of bacteria and microbes, inhibiting mold growth and bacterial spread.

CESAROM® safe+™ tiles provide permanent ANTIBACTERIAL protection throughout their lifetime.

The ANTIBACTERIAL protection included in the new CESAROM® safe+™ range is PERMANENT and has no effect on the tile’s quality or color.

Surfaces coated with the new CESAROM® safe+™ range provide fresh air free of unpleasant odors, a less polluted environment by reducing the use of aggressive chemical cleaning agents, and lower maintenance and cleaning costs.

CESAROM® safe+™ ANTIBACTERIAL protection does not require activation with UV devices as in the case of other products on the market. Silver nanoparticles increase the hygienic properties and freshness of the space regardless of the presence of UV rays or the time of day.


We recommend jointing the tiles from the CESAROM® safe+™ range using the CEMIX® SilverCol joint grout, with the same antibacterial properties.

The new CESAROM® safe+™ range has been certified by the German QualityLabs BT GmbH laboratories in accordance with ISO22916.

Evolution of bacterial activity on
untreated area:

After 24 hours microbes and bacteria became
multiplied from 12,500 to 160,000

Evolution of bacterial activity on a CESAROM
safe+ area:

After a maximum of 24 hours, microbes and bacteria were reduced by 99.99% on CESAROM® safe+™ tiles from 12,500 to less than 10.

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