Bathroom Wall Tiles: Recommended Models and Combinations

Wall tiles represent one of the most commonly used types of ceramics for bathrooms, due to its easy installation and low maintenance. Over time, wall tiles have become an essential element in people’s homes, both for aesthetic reasons and for practicality. Fortunately, the range of wall tiles have become increasingly varied from year to year, so now you can quickly achieve the design of your dreams without fear of not finding the tiles you prefer for your bathroom.

The advantage of wall tiles is that the purchase involves a friendly and permissive cost, quick installation, and the investment is one with long-lasting benefits. Moreover, due to the variety of models and colors, wall tiles are the optimal solution for any design style you have in mind.

Choosing wall tiles must take into account essential details related to design and available space. The room’s size and installation type matter a lot, and the design is also important to create a balance with the furniture pieces in that space. The organization of the space can influence how you choose wall tiles because you will need to consider the furniture’s size.

Generally, we tend to choose wall tiles for bathroom walls or even for the kitchen, and this is extremely practical in terms of space economy. By far, wall tiles are the best choice we can make because they are easy to clean, extremely resistant over time, do not change their color, and come in a variety of shapes and patterns.

How do we choose the right wall tiles for the bathroom?

Designing a bathroom must be done after a well-established plan to meet all requirements. Beyond utility, the bathroom has also become a relaxing oasis, so it is essential to arrange it in such a way as to induce a state of calm. Wall tiles play a major role in achieving this. The good part is that there are many models of wall tiles to choose from, so you will have the flexibility to create a classic or an absolutely spectacular design.

If you want to have a bright, fresh, and modern bathroom, then classic white wall tiles can be the solution for you. Alternatively, if you want the bathroom to become a “personality space” in the house, then you have the option to choose colorful or mosaic tiles.

For example, if you have a large bathroom, large format tiles are an excellent option because you will need fewer pieces, they are quicker to install, and you will also save on labor costs. For smaller bathrooms, opt for medium-sized white wall tiles to brighten up the bathroom and give the illusion of a larger space.

Regardless of the wall tiles you choose, we recommend that you have a professional install your bathroom tiles to ensure a quick and efficient process that guarantees the structural and design integrity of your bathroom.

Ceramic tiles such as wall tiles are a solution for wall cladding in both bathrooms and kitchens due to their durability, easy maintenance, and endless options of colors and designs. Wall tiles can be matte or glossy, flat or textured. Porcelain ceramic tiles are an increasingly popular choice for flooring in bathrooms because they are the best solution for spaces with high humidity and/or underfloor heating.

Recommended models for bathrooms

In recent years, the bathroom has gained significant importance in home design, so choosing the right tile model is not an easy task, especially if you want a unique bathroom. Additionally, the bathroom should be designed to match the style of the house, whether it’s classic, minimalist, romantic, or retro.

The shape of the rectangular or square wall tiles depends on your taste and preferences, as what really matters and makes a difference is the size chosen for the space that will be arranged, the surface, the model, the color, and the joining method. It is important to choose the color of the grout carefully because it should not be darker than the ceramic tiles’ hue and greatly affects the result of the arrangement.

For bathrooms, designers often choose lighter color palettes because this can create the impression of a larger space than it really is. While white is preferred in bathrooms to create the illusion of a more spacious area, tiles in lighter tones are also a fairly common choice because they are timeless and versatile. This choice also allows you to use bolder colors when choosing bathroom decorations because they will contrast with the overall appearance of the bathroom. To make a bathroom seem more spacious, the reflective surface of wall tiles is another trick, as light reflections will create a bright and more generous space.

Of course, for those who want to avoid monotony, tiles in darker colors with patterns or colored tiles for the bathroom are an excellent way to add a surprise factor.

The best wall tile for your bathroom is the one that fits your taste, budget, and lifestyle. For example, plain ceramic tiles or porcelain ceramic tiles may be the best option due to their durability and resistance. If you want a more daring look, you can choose ceramic mosaic, which is ideal for both flooring (if you use porcelain mosaic) and walls. The mosaic will certainly become the centerpiece of the bathroom.

The rule is simple: the larger the space, the smaller the size of the mosaic tiles can be. In small spaces, the first choice should be large tiles, which will provide fluidity to the space and make the room seem larger.

In general, experts recommend a monochromatic model for bathrooms, whether we are talking about white, light colors, or dark colors. To create contrast in the room, the best idea is to use colored decorations, such as bathmats or even towels.

Porosity of tiles

Porosity is defined by the ratio of air voids to the solid mass of the tiles. This affects the percentage of water absorbed in the tiles. Therefore, the denser the tile, the less water it absorbs, as it has fewer air voids.

Porosity of wall and floor tiles is extremely important, especially when the tiles are to be installed in the kitchen and bathroom, rooms that require walls and floors resistant to moisture. The use of porous tiles is not recommended even outdoors, where rain, snow, and ice can damage them.

There are models and colors that suit every style, so whether you want a traditional or a contemporary bathroom, CESAROM has the right tiles for every style! Check out our collection here.