Choosing the right ceramic tiles for small bathrooms

When it comes to decorating a small bathroom, we often want to make it appear more spacious, bright, and efficient in terms of storage space. This is especially true if we live in an apartment building. However, small bathrooms also offer the opportunity to be creative.

The first thing that comes to mind is probably to use white as main color, as it can create the illusion of a larger space. In addition, white creates a perception of cleanliness, light, and even elegance, making it a suitable color for the bathroom, as it promotes a sense of calm, comfort, and relaxation.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we should limit ourselves to white when choosing the appropriate wall or floor tiles. We can obtain the same effect with light, pastel colors or with the combination of black and white, which you will see more and more in interior design trends for 2023. It’s important to use glossy surfaces that reflect light and enhance the visual effect of spaciousness. This not only makes the bathroom look airier and more elegant, even modern, but depending on the style you want to adopt, you can achieve very varied results.

Another good way to highlight a small bathroom is to introduce different textures. In such cases, it’s important to create contrast, either through colors, textures, or the type of tiles chosen.

Types of wall and floor tiles

A good way to give a small bathroom personality is to turn the floor tiles into a centerpiece. This can be done by using a color different from the rest of the room – a darker color in contrast to the wall tiles, for example – for an impactful design, or by highlighting them by shape, texture, or size: decorative tiles or mosaic tiles can be used. Another aspect you may have heard of is the recommendation to use larger tiles to create a sense of volume.

For walls, larger ceramic tiles can be used. If you prefer pastel colors, decorative tiles in strong colors can be used to create a contrast that will give the decor personality.

Of course, when it comes to trending interior design, we can’t forget about mosaics. First of all, they are an ideal choice for the bathroom because they can be used to cover sloping surfaces and have the technical characteristics of the ceramic tile they are made of. Whether you choose a glossy or matte texture, these ceramic tiles are designed to attract attention. You can choose two-color tile patterns or decorations that add personality and elegance to your space, even adding an artistic, luxurious touch.

Types of wall tiles for small bathrooms

3D wall tiles are an option to consider when decorating a small bathroom. It is a newer type of wall tile, but increasingly appreciated by specialists for the unique look it offers and the feeling of spaciousness it provides. The three-dimensional textures and volumes create original light effects adapted to contemporary styles. Whether colored or white, with various patterns, matte or glossy, 3D tiles are ideal for bringing a great deal of originality to a bathroom, whether we choose to decorate the entire surface or just one wall.

For a small room, we recommend 3D or smooth tiles with glossy surfaces in a light color to brighten up the space. Selecting larger wall tiles (50x25cm or 60×30 cm) helps create a feeling of spaciousness in a small bathroom.

Wall and floor tiles for bathrooms with a shower

Another way to create an interesting space is to bring a decorative effect to the shower area. The latest trend is to use the creative power of porcelain ceramic mosaics or decorative ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tiles with relief or patterns that bring a contrast are a good choice when we want to highlight a certain area, such as the shower cabin or bathtub. For bathroom floors, it is recommended to use porcelain or indoor floor tiles with good slip resistance and low water absorption properties.

Another easy and versatile way to add color and personality to a space, especially in the shower area, is to use ceramic mosaics. Using mosaic tiles adds vibration, contrast, and color to a space and gives strength to the imagination in creating a decorative area of great aesthetic impact.

If you use porcelain ceramic mosaic, it not only provides stylistic value but also functional value for floors and walls of rooms with high humidity or outdoor spaces. Mosaic tiles can be applied on sloping surfaces or curved walls and have very good slip-resistant properties, making them a durable piece in interior design.

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