3D wall tiles: What they are, where they fit, and how to install them yourself

We are used to using wall tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, but few of us know that there are also 3D ceramic tiles options for walls that can offer an unusual aspect to the spaces we want to design.

3D floor tiles are relatively new, and many people have not yet heard of this type of ceramic tile, but their popularity is growing.

The choice of wall tiles must take into account a few essential details. It matters how large the room is because, depending on the available space, there is an ideal size of tiles and a way to mount them, and the design is also important because it must be in line with that of the furniture. The organization of the space can influence the way you choose the wall tiles because you will need to consider the size of the furniture.

In general, we usually choose tiles for the walls in the kitchen, and this is extremely practical. By far, the wall tiles are the best choice we can make because they are easy to clean, extremely durable over time, do not change color, and come in a large number of shapes and patterns.

In recent years, 3D wall tiles have been in demand because, besides offering an unusual aspect to the space we design, they also create a sense of spatiality in that room.

A true revolution in the production of wall tiles has been the implementation, in recent decades, of digital printing technology on tiles, in order for the tiles to have a natural-looking appearance, such as stone or wood. Digital printing with high-performance machines makes the design texture extremely clear.

3D wall tiles are widely appreciated for wall decoration. They are available in numerous dimensions, textures, and colors, offering endless combinations to bring a touch of fantasy to every space in the house.

Its main advantage? Aesthetics! The three-dimensional reliefs and volumes create original plays of light adapted to contemporary styles.

Such a decorative style can easily be adopted to dress certain walls of your home’s interior, from the kitchen to the bedroom, passing through the hallway, bathroom, or living room.

Colored or white, with various patterns, matte or glossy, 3D wall tiles are ideal for bringing relief and spatiality to rooms, as well as a large dose of originality to a whole room or a single wall. With the help of the relief of this type of wall tile, as well as with the help of lighting games, your walls can become true living paintings. It depends on you to use these wall tiles to create an unusual design and to create a unique style for your walls. The sky is the limit.

How do we choose 3D wall tiles for our home?

To choose the 3D wall tiles that fit perfectly into your living space, first determine which room you want to design, the area to be covered, and the desired atmosphere.

Porcelain floor tiles, for example, are particularly resistant to shocks, wear, heat, and humidity, but tiles remain the emblematic material for covering walls, with its numerous options of ultra-creative textures and finishes.

3D wall tiles are also available in ceramic mosaic-like variants to compose vibrant decorations highly appreciated, especially in the case of bathrooms.

Rather than using 3D wall tiles for the entire surface, specialists recommend integrating 3D effect tiles only in certain areas of the wall to avoid overloading the space.

Thus, it is recommended to limit the use of relief tiles to very specific spaces, on a wall section, so that they stand out much more, compared to other elements.

Decorative 3D wall tiles

In recent years, more and more people choose to renovate or decorate their living spaces according to trends, and 2022 is no exception. If you are interested in these aspects, it’s good to know that this year dark shades are in fashion, according to designer forecasts. Therefore, this year, shades of navy blue, green, or gray are the most fashionable when it comes to decorating kitchens. However, if you do not prefer such a design, specialists recommend choosing garnishes in light oak shades.

Furthermore, designers advise us to use dark colors even when designing small kitchens. To obtain dramatic, spectacular decor, interior design experts use both finishes and furniture in dark colors.

Whether you want a classic, retro, or contemporary atmosphere, relief wall tiles will fit perfectly. To bring maximum luminosity, bet on 3D wall tiles in light shades, in contrast with brightly colored walls or on relief tiles in dark blue or black, combined with a pastel-toned floor.

3D wall tiles are available in various formats to adapt to all configurations. Rectangular, mosaic, and hexagonal tiles will dress up your interior with elegance, whether it’s a kitchen, a portion of a wall in the living room, or the walls in the shower area. Dare to mix shapes, sizes, and styles to break the monotony.

From sophisticated matte black to shiny white, from metallic colors to marble effects, relief tiles come to life to liven up a room: industrial kitchen, classic bedroom, contemporary living room, natural bathroom… If you are bold, you can adopt a total black look, which will allow you to “play” with finishes (relief, matte, glossy) for a chic and original decor. There are also relief tiles that imitate natural materials, such as wood or stone, for a style that is both authentic and elegant.

3D tiles are available in multiple designs to fit into all environments, from the most sober to the most daring. They can even create sophisticated light effects that illuminate spaces lacking clarity. Relief tiles are also an excellent alternative for decorating walls in rooms where natural materials are not recommended, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

White 3D wall tiles

White 3D wall tiles are sober and timeless, offering different rooms that they cover with a sense of space and volume, while also providing maximum luminosity, especially if you decide to use a glossy finish. Whatever the models adopted, white 3D wall tiles will fit perfectly in any space and match any material: wood, stone, marble, or concrete.

Black 3D wall tiles

Synonymous with elegance and refinement, black 3D wall tiles combine with light tones for contrast. In the glossy version, they brighten the space. To avoid “weighing down” the space, it is advisable to use black wall tiles only on certain areas of the room you intend to decorate.

Gray 3D wall tiles

Pearl or anthracite relief wall tiles combine with any decor to create a sober and calming atmosphere. Want a touch of originality? In the Silver version, volumes with metallic reflections offer multiple possibilities for decoration.

The size of the wall tiles is extremely important because it can influence the entire appearance of the space you are decorating. The rule is simple. The larger the space, the smaller the size of the tiles can be. In small rooms, the first choice should be for large tiles, which will give fluidity to the space and make the room appear larger. In contrast, small tiles are a good choice in large spaces.

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