Choosing the Right Colors for Kitchen Decoration

When it comes to the kitchen, choosing colors is almost as important as choosing textures. It is a space that often brings the whole family together, and where we spend a lot of time cooking, eating, and even working. Colors play an essential role in creating a pleasant and familiar atmosphere, but it is equally important to create a sense of unity not only through the choice of suitable wall and floor tiles and countertops but also through electronic appliances and decorative pieces.

The color you choose for your kitchen can influence your mood, so it is important to make a choice that responds to the needs of the entire family, beyond trends and personal preferences. Specialists recommend choosing tiles and ceramic before the furniture, to ensure you get the atmosphere and design you want.

White wall and floor tiles

Undoubtedly, white has been the most popular option for kitchens in recent years, and the reasons for this are very clear. Firstly, it offers the feeling of calm, light, and cleanliness that we want in a kitchen, and it also favors small spaces. In spacious kitchens, it has a spectacular effect when used with different textures and patterns, such as marble or mosaics, which transform the space into an elegant one.

White is also a basic color from which you can build the style you want, whether traditional, minimalist, industrial, or modern.

Of course, a combination that will not go out of fashion anytime soon, and is even among specialists’ favorites for 2023, is the black and white combination. Depending on the pattern you choose, you can play with the appearance of the space and achieve different results. If you want a unique design, you can use black and white wall tiles or as well as black and white floor tiles, in order to create dynamism and opacity. You can also add different textures to better highlight the furniture.

The combination of black and white therefore allows a lot of versatility and can include ceramic tiles of different textures, shapes, and sizes: decorative tiles, mosaic tiles or white and black ceramic tiles can be used on the same surface, wall or floor, to create dynamism.

Black wall and floor tiles

Black evokes elegance and style. Black tiles and ceramic are often used in kitchens because they are easy to associate with any other color and create a unique impact. If you don’t necessarily want a dramatic effect, they can be easily combined with white ceramic tiles.

A preconceived idea is that a kitchen covered in black will be a dark one, but this is not necessarily true. Glossy black ceramic tiles will reflect light and transform the space into a very elegant one. It can also be used as a base color in combination with more vibrant colors.

A popular choice is matte black for the kitchen, as it gives a contemporary, minimalist air. A solution for traditional kitchens, in which you also want a touch of modernism, is the mosaic of herringbone. It gives vibration and subtlety to a contemporary arrangement.

Grey wall and floor tiles

The color gray is most often used when approaching an industrial style, but it is not necessarily a rule. Lighter shades, complemented with golden accents, can give a romantic feel to your kitchen, while darker shades create a modern atmosphere. In combination with wood, it can be used in a rustic kitchen. The same effect can be achieved by using mosaics.

As neutrals, lighter shades of gray, especially when it comes to gray ceramic, help create a balanced and harmonious decoration. It is a suitable color for both small and large kitchens, as it can add volume to any space. It is a color that easily combines with tiles, decorations, or mosaics in contrasting or the same shades, leaving room for creativity.

Often, gray tiles can be combined with white ceramic tiles or vice versa, for a calm and luminous feeling. If you want a more intimate look that denotes comfort but also functionality, tiles with a marble design are a preferred choice of specialists. By using glossy ceramic tiles of larger dimensions (60x30cm), a luxurious space can be created.

A spectacular aspect can also be achieved with 3D gray ceramic tiles. Perla or anthracite relief tiles blend with any decor to create a simple and peaceful atmosphere, offering originality to the space. This type of ceramic tile is relatively new, but its popularity is growing. To avoid overloading the space, specialists recommend integrating the 3D model on certain places on the wall, for example behind the kitchen countertop.

Green wall tiles

Green is a positive, harmonious color often associated with spring and summer. It is a soothing color that is mostly combined with white, purple, or gray to create a pleasant ambiance. In busy kitchens, green can create a sense of calm.

This versatile color allows for many creative combinations and textures to achieve the desired aesthetic. Shades like olive green, sage, and mint are popular choices for 2023. By choosing from the variety of shades available, you can test your creativity by starting with darker shades and working your way to lighter ones.

Olive green can be combined with white or matching furniture, especially if you have a marble or concrete countertop. Mosaic tiles can also create a unique atmosphere in volumetric spaces.

If you have volumetric surfaces in the kitchen, you can create a special atmosphere using mosaics. An advantage of mosaic is that it can be mounted on sloped or curved surfaces, it can be cut and used as a decoration of different widths or for covering large areas.

Brown tiles

Warm earthy tones like cream, brown, bronze, and ivory are top recommendations for 2023. These colors are timeless and work well with other shades, including pink, green, and blue.

With a variety of sizes and designs available, brown ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for any style of kitchen. Whether they resemble wood or are metallic, matte or glossy, monochromatic or mosaic, they offer a high degree of flexibility in kitchen decoration.

If you choose beige tiles, you may go for a retro or vintage kitchen style. Adding gold or copper accents or a black countertop will make for an even greater impact.

Red tiles

During the colder months, warm colors offer a feeling of comfort and familiarity. Red tiles provide a bold and contemporary design, ideal for those seeking a positive and daring atmosphere. Using ceramic tiles in different textures for the floor and walls will create a playful and energizing contrast.

When choosing red floor tiles, it is important to balance them with the other elements and textures in the kitchen. Red is a powerful and impactful color that can play an essential role in your kitchen design.

If you want to accentuate a specific area or add a pop of color, you can use red tiles on one wall or incorporate mosaic with red accents.

Turquoise wall tiles

Turquoise wall tiles have become increasingly popular in recent years. Like green, it is a calming and positive color that connects us with nature. For a truly spectacular effect, you can use mosaic tiles on a single wall in your kitchen. This will add volume to the space and create a sense of harmony and fluidity, especially when combined with white floor tiles and furniture.

Depending on the tile model chosen, you can create a traditional or luxurious style for your kitchen.

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