Ideas for kitchen design

In recent years, the kitchen has started to have more functions than before. It is no longer just the space where we cook and eat together with friends and family, but it has also become the space where some of us work, carry out activities, or start new hobbies. Therefore, regardless of trends and tendencies, it is important to consider the needs of each member of the household.

The best choice we can make for the walls of the kitchen is to choose wall tiles. They are easy to clean, durable over time, do not change color, do not stain and they offer personality to the kitchen, thanks to the varieties of shapes, sizes, and patterns. Moreover, there are wall tiles available for all budgets, so it is almost impossible not to find the right model for your kitchen.

Another design element that we can bring to the kitchen is the choice of porcelain floor tiles. These are ideal for people who prefer a look similar to natural materials, such as wood. In addition, they are extremely resistant to wear, which is why we can consider them when talking about the kitchen of an apartment, but also about commercial or outdoor kitchens.

Rules for redesigning a kitchen

When it comes to choosing ceramic tiles for the kitchen, there are some significant details that can help us make the best decision.

Firstly, we need to consider the size of the kitchen. Depending on the available space, there is an ideal size for tiles and the way we install them.

Secondly, choosing a suitable color is important because we can offer a sense of spaciousness and create a visual balance. Specialists recommend using no more than two or three colors for kitchen design.

Organizing the space can influence how we choose the wall tiles, and we will have to take into account the size of the large appliances and kitchen furniture. Depending on the style we choose for the kitchen, the wall tiles can be mounted symmetrically or asymmetrically, with lines and shapes. Symmetrical variants are perfect in minimalist, modern kitchens and in small and very small ones, while tiles with patterns, games, and asymmetric solutions are useful in a classic kitchen, in those with a vintage feel, or in those where the general effect is mostly pursued, not necessarily the style.

Redesigning a small kitchen

One thing we often face when choosing the right floor and wall tiles for a small kitchen is the desire to create a space as open as possible and optimize it to meet all our needs. Fortunately, there is a wide range of available collections on the market, from which we can find the best solution for the kitchen.

In this case, the first thing we recommend is to choose larger ceramic tiles, which offer a sense of space and volume. The size of the tiles is always influenced by the size of the space we want to design, so the smaller the kitchen, the larger the size of the ceramic tiles can be. If the floor tiles used in the kitchen continue into the adjacent room, it creates the illusion of a larger space.

The next step is to choose light colors and glossy surfaces that offer brightness. Matte surfaces, stronger colors or combinations of textures and colors are more suitable in a larger kitchen.

Designing an open-space kitchen

The first thing we want to do in the case of an open-space kitchen is to create a clear limitation with the living room. This can be done either by using a kitchen island or by choosing different floor tile models for the two spaces, which harmonize but also create the feeling of two different rooms. In this case, we also use large ceramic tiles to offer a sense of a larger space.

Designing an outdoor kitchen

Because in recent years many types of modern housing have appeared, it is possible that the kitchen may be located on a balcony or terrace. In this case, two decisive factors come into play: resistance to weather and freeze-thaw cycles, so it is mandatory to use porcelain floor tiles for outdoor use.

The porosity of the floor tile is extremely important, especially when the tiles are to be installed in a kitchen, a room that requires moisture-resistant flooring. It is not recommended to use porous wall or floor tiles outdoors because they have high water absorption, which will lead to tile damage under repeated exposure to rain, snow, and ice.

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