Modern bathroom designs. Ideas for decorating with Cesarom tiles.

Renovating or redecorating a home comes with many challenges. Often, we tend to focus more on the appearance rather than the functionality, which is not recommended, especially when it comes to tiles. Another common issue is that the bathroom is not always at the top of the priority list, even though it should be.

When it comes to decor, most people believe that the bedroom, living room, or kitchen are the places that require special attention. However, the bathroom is equally important. It is the space where you get the well-being you need to start and end a day of activity, so we want its design to be attractive. Decorating it involves both style and utility, and tiles have a major contribution to the project’s outcome. Matte surface tiles will always be in fashion and easier to maintain. Glossy tiles also have their advantages: they increase the brightness of the space and offer a special charm. However, these are not the only options. There are many textures and colors available to bring extra attractiveness to the space.

Cesarom tiles stand out for their quality and durability. Starting from here, you can decorate your bathroom to your taste, especially since another strong point of our products is the multitude of models and colors that we provide. We constantly complete our portfolio and always come up with new ideas in line with international trends.

Bathroom designs with tiles

The tiles chosen for the bathroom will have an impact on the appearance and atmosphere of the entire house, so they must harmoniously blend with the design of the entire dwelling. Although it may seem like a complicated process at first, choosing tiles will become a pleasant activity if we keep a few rules in mind, and the result will be spectacular.

First of all, the choice of tile color should be made according to the space. A small space will be highlighted by light colors, while a large space needs strong colors with accents or motifs.

Another important rule is to use colors that complement the entire dwelling. Experts urge us not to use more than three colors for tiles. The 3-color rule involves choosing a light color, a neutral one, and a contrasting one.

With these two main rules in mind, choosing tiles for the bathroom should be an easy mission. And if interior design is not your strong point, we have enough bathroom models to inspire you.

To convey a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, accessories, sanitary objects, furniture, and ceramic tiles must be chosen carefully and tastefully. Below are several bathroom models decorated according to color.

Neutral and beige-brown bathroom models

A bathroom in neutral shades will make you think of nature. You can use tiles that reinterpret the beauty of wood or tiles in shades of beige and caramel with a discreet relief. Equally spectacular are the tiles with an unfinished wood appearance. Using tiles in beige-brown tones, you will get a comfortable, peaceful atmosphere in the bathroom.

On the other hand, if you want a bathroom that exudes energy and freshness, you can choose the textile design applied to the walls, which includes tiles in shades of beige and brown, associated with decorative tiles with geometric or floral motifs.

Porcelain floor tiles inspired by the beauty of Quartz stone are also an inspired choice, being recommended for their non-slip properties, as well as for the warm and comfortable atmosphere they create.

White bathroom models

The white bathroom remains a classic of interior design. It is chosen by many for its traditional appearance, but also by those who want to create a modern space. The good part is that white is the reliable friend of small spaces. White wall tiles, in combination with strong light, preferably LED, together with suitable furniture pieces, will make the space appear larger and brighter.

White wall tile, with a marble-like appearance, a glossy flat mirror or with wavy texture, combines elegance, simplicity with a modern touch and is the simplest choice for bathroom walls. White ceramic tiles will remind you of noble interior designs.

Models of black bathrooms

Black always evokes luxury. And why not apply this to the bathroom? Many people are hesitant to choose black for tiles, especially if the space is small, but a well-designed layout with modern accessories that do not take up much space can create a modern and airy atmosphere.

Tiles in shades of gray and anthracite, with a discreet relief and 3D geometric structure, can be the highlight of any bathroom. On the other hand, rectified, polished, glossy wall tiles that replicate the unique appearance of marble in dark shades of gray or black can transform the bathroom into a stylish and welcoming place.

Models of bathrooms with mosaic

Mosaic is versatile and can transform an ordinary bathroom into a room with personality. The mosaic will look sensational alongside modern furniture. Mosaic tiles are always impressive and have the potential to transform any room, especially the bathroom.

The mosaic can become the centerpiece of your bathroom. In addition, it fools the eye and leaves the feeling that the space is much larger. You can use it alone or combined with wall tiles, on a single wall or throughout the bathroom.

You can opt for tiles in calming shades of beige, which rely on the elegance of natural stone, or for shiny porcelain mosaic tiles. You will definitely achieve a spectacular bathroom using ivory and brown tones of tiles, complemented by mosaic tiles that combine both colors. Another big plus of the mosaic is that it has great versatility and will be able to break the monotony.

Models of bathrooms with patterns (floral, geometric, etc.)

Tiles provide the initial outline of the bathroom, and the countless variations of patterns, textures, and shades can confuse you when you have to make a decision.

When you want to opt for a simple bathroom, but with a few accents, ceramic tiles with geometric or floral patterns are the right choice. They will also help you integrate your favorite color into the bathroom design.

It is recommended to avoid overly complex patterns and use lines to draw the eye. Wall tiles with floral or geometric patterns arranged horizontally will offer the room a wider note. Placed vertically, they will create an impression of height.

For a personalized interior design, opt for the use of multicolored decoration, which creates strong contrasts. Another trend of this year is wallpaper-style design applied to walls.

Premium bathroom models

Large porcelain floor tiles are the star of bathrooms and are perfect for large spaces. They have a glossy mirror-like shine and have rectified edges for impeccable laying.

When you need to create a sense of space in your design, it is recommended to use glazed floor tiles that reflect light. If you opt for matte floor tiles that offer a comfortable feel, choose those that are installed with fine joints – rectified floor tiles. Thus, the tile assembly will appear homogeneous and will not visually fragment the space.

Porcelain floor tiles with marble-like design add nobility to the spaces in which they are applied and create a fluid connection between the bathroom and the rest of the house.

Porcelain floor tiles with a glossy, mirror-like surface adds nobility to the spaces where it is applied and are ideal for luxurious bathrooms due to the captivating marble design, regardless of the chosen color.

Stone-inspired porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles with wavy texture are among the favorites of 2022, especially because they evoke a refined interior design.