What colors should you choose for ceramic tiles in the bathroom?

The bathroom is an essential room whether we are talking about a residential space where family members start their daily routine or relax after a long day, or we are talking about commercial spaces, offices or public institutions where the traffic is intense.

In each of these cases, it is important for the bathroom to offer a sense of calm, relaxation, and harmony, and a decisive factor in this regard is the colors we choose. Colors have a significant impact on our moods and can influence our daily activities, such as concentration, relaxation, or even appetite.

Choosing the right colors for each space in a house or building is, therefore, an important factor. The uniform appearance of elements like floor tiles, wall tiles, furniture, and decorative pieces is also crucial.


White is probably the most commonly found color in bathrooms, and the reasons are numerous: first of all, because it offers a sense of cleanliness, light, and space, but also elegance. It is also a color that brings a feeling of calm, comfort, and relaxation.

When we talk about a white bathroom, it is not a rule that both the wall and floor tiles have to be white. The combination of white and black, for example, is one that will not go out of style anytime soon, and will even be among the specialists’ favorites in 2023. Especially when you want a minimalist design, while adding some impact, it is a very good choice. Depending on the model you choose, you can play with the appearance of the room to achieve different results. White wall tiles and black floor tiles, for example, will give a small space an airy and elegant, even modern, and chic look.


Black is a color that adds drama to a room. Therefore, it is a good choice for creating a unique, elegant, and impactful space. Although it comes with a high degree of versatility, being a suitable color for both traditional and contemporary styles, black is more suitable in a house where the modern, luxurious style predominates. Associated with gold accents and glossy, marbled surfaces on large ceramic tiles, the environment receives a note of elegance and luxury.

Used throughout the bathroom, black ceramic tiles can be easily overwhelming, but you can experiment with different textures, depending on the impact you want to create, from matte to glossy or textured ceramic tiles.

White and black ceramic tiles can be combined in so many ways that you can easily create the style you want, from traditional, even vintage, to modern, chic, and contemporary. For a traditional style, for example, you can use large ceramic tiles in combination with smaller ones. If you are thinking of taking a modern approach, you can use black and white mosaic tiles or very small black floor tiles in combination with larger white wall tiles.

Another type of black ceramic tile that will create a special impact is herringbone mosaic. It can be mounted in different ways to achieve the result you are dreaming of. It is a wall tile pattern increasingly appreciated by specialists, ideal for those who want a traditional design, but with a modern touch. It is also a suitable pattern for both small and large bathrooms.


If you are not ready to decorate the bathroom in a black and white combination, then shades of grey can offer a similar look. They are the perfect choice for a neutral color palette.

Grey ceramic tiles enjoy a variety of shades and textures, which is why they are considered very versatile and offer the bathroom a chic, sophisticated air. An advantage is that they combine in harmony not only with shades of white but also other colors to create the desired look.


Blue ceramic tiles are used in bathrooms because of the association of this color with water. Blue will also be one of the favorite colors for bathrooms in 2023, due to the sense of calm it provides. Available in a variety of shades and easily combined with other colors such as white, cream, and gray, blue tiles will be a long-lasting choice.

If you want to create a sophisticated look with blue accents, you can decorate the area around the bathtub with small blue wall tiles. This will simulate the fluidity of water and give your bathroom a unique look.

A commonly used but equally appreciated design is to use blue wall tiles on the lower half of the wall to provide a sense of volume and light.

For a Mediterranean approach, you can combine blue mosaic tiles with different textures such as wood, cement, in a harmonious combination of white and blue. If you want a more rustic design, use blue ceramic tiles with shades and textures close to nature – shades of cream and brown.

When it comes to blue ceramic tiles, TERRAZZO is a model of porcelain stoneware that we can play with for an impressive bathroom look.


Green, especially the shade of avocado, was the number one choice for bathrooms in 2022, but it is a color that will maintain its popularity in 2023. And this is a fairly versatile color, allowing for combination with different other shades and textures to achieve your desired look. Among the colors we expect to see more and more often in designs are olive green, sage, and mint green.

For a special effect, we recommend mosaic tiles in a bold green. Because they evoke a sense of relaxation, they are often used in spas. Green will create a dynamic look that denote energy and good mood.

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones make any space welcoming and familiar, which is why they are often used in cabins, guesthouses, and hotels. With these colors as a base, it’s easy to incorporate complementary colors to help achieve volume in the room.

A popular choice in brown tones is mosaics. Also, Moroccan-style tiles have become very fashionable for covering bathroom surfaces. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, they offer you the chance to create the atmosphere you want. By using decorative arches, a sense of space and depth is offered, while floral textures create a sense of elegance and light.


For people who want a bold bathroom design that denotes energy and good mood, red is the most suitable.

Red ceramic tiles can be combined with neutral shades of gray, black, and white, and create good harmony with marble.

For a uniform and impactful look, you can use the same type of ceramic tiles throughout the entire bathroom surface, combined with predominantly white furniture. For a modern, surrealist style, you can add a large mirror that covers one wall or if you prefer a more rustic look, you can add wooden accessories, such as a chair.

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