Why choose parquet-style floor tiles for the bathroom. Advantages and disadvantages

Floor tiles are now available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and textures, which is why choosing the right one can be a challenging process. And then there are trends in home decor that you should also consider. However, more important than anything else is the location where the floor tiles will be installed. High humidity can be a criterion, as well as heavy traffic or exposure to temperature differences. Fortunately, there are many handy solutions that will help you create a unified space throughout the house.

Parquet-style floor tiles can be an inspired choice for home decor and have many advantages: they offer an elegant look to the room, are easy to maintain, and can be easily matched with other furniture pieces in the room. Don’t worry, you have plenty to choose from here too! Parquet-style floor tiles are available in a varied range of colors, sizes, and patterns.

Experts encourage us to bring nature as much as possible into our homes, and parquet-style floor tiles do just that, with a design that replicates the look of different wood essences, in various shades of brown and gray. These floor tiles will offer a natural aspect to the decor and are ideal for interior and exterior cladding.

Unlike parquet, floor tiles can be installed in the bathroom or kitchen, places exposed to moisture. You will find a wide variety of parquet-style floor tiles with a rough, unfinished wood-like look, with a matte surface, in white or oak-brown colors or tiles that imitate wood texture in shades of gray, ideal for an industrial-style design.

Parquet-style floor tiles rely on nostalgia and a return to basic elements, while offering a high degree of resistance.

Decorating with parquet-style floor tiles for the bathroom

Parquet is very popular, but it cannot be used everywhere. In fact, the bathroom is the room where it should be avoided. However, we have a solution to recreate this cozy aspect of the bathroom, which also ensures resistance over time: parquet-style floor tiles. This way, you can enjoy the look of wood, with all the technical properties of ceramics.

Floor tiles that imitate parquet are perfect for the bathroom due to the wood-like finish that visually transforms the entire room. In addition to the similar appearance to that of parquet, floor tiles perfectly replicate its texture. By using this type of tile, you will obtain a comfortable, calming atmosphere in the bathroom.

Because the bathroom is a relaxation space, choosing parquet-style floor tiles can be a very good option due to the soothing effect. It is warm, has character, and creates a unique ambiance. Now it can be used without worrying about perishability caused by moisture.

Moreover, when you choose parquet-style floor tiles for the bathroom, you will have a multitude of design opportunities. It is versatile and suitable for any style, whether you choose a rustic design, an ultra-modern one, or a minimalist one.

Parquet-style floor tiles with small joints

This type of floor tile is highly preferred due to its innovative and elegant appearance. Essentially, there are joints, but they do not have a visual effect. As a result, the flooring looks like a single, fluid surface. Moreover, this type of installation prevents the accumulation of dirt, moisture, and mold in the joint areas of the tile.

The bathroom is a place that requires a resilient surface, especially with the presence of steam, humidity, and strong cleaning solutions. The parquet-style floor tiles with small joints can completely transform the bathroom’s visual appearance.

This type of floor tiles have a well-finished and homogeneous appearance. Infiltrations will not be a problem if the waterproofing and installation are carried out properly. Rectified porcelain floor tiles without dimensional deviations are used to assemble tiles with small joints.

You will find parquet-style floor tiles in a wide range of colors, sizes, and decorations, giving it great versatility in placement. You can even find tiles with patterns made from wooden slats.

Marble-type floor tiles

Marble is a precious material, but not accessible to everyone. On the other hand, the floor tiles that imitates it is. Rectified porcelain floor tiles is an affordable option that can replace marble. Used in the bathroom, it will have the luxurious effect you desire. The beauty of marble-type floor tiles is eternal and undisputed.

Marble-type floor tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior use, being resistant to low temperatures, even freezing, and their durability is one of its qualities. They offer an elegant style that never goes out of fashion, based on simple models that reproduce a minimalist and contemporary style.

These type of tile adds refinement and elegance to any room and are perfect for large spaces due to their mirror-like shine. Marble-type floor tiles can transform any room into a work of art.

Porcelain floor tiles with marble-type come in a varied range of colors, patterns, and sizes, satisfying even the most demanding tastes.

Wood-type floor tiles

Wood-type floor tiles are versatile and suitable for all spaces, whether they are in the bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or living room, and create a fluid connection between interior and exterior. Whether you opt for tiles with a rough, unfinished appearance or for those that reproduce a vintage note, such as wooden essences, wood-type floor tiles are an inspired choice.

One of the most popular solutions is to combine floor tiles with parquet, an aesthetic but practical solution. It is important that the combination is made flawlessly, precisely to make the transition between the two finishes pleasant and even unnoticeable. And the large variety of colors and sizes available for wood-type floor tiles makes this process much easier.

Many are skeptical about using floor tiles in the living room, although they shouldn’t be. If the living room, for example, is a high-traffic area or one where parties or festive meals are frequently held, then floor tiles are certainly a much better choice than parquet. They don’t scratch, stain, and are easier to clean and maintain, which means they are much more durable.

Mosaic-type floor tiles

Mosaic-type floor tiles can be used alone or in combination with other patterns. For example, it fits perfectly with parquet-type floor tiles. Wood meets cement, and the result is a unique, bolder design.

The options are unlimited in the use of mosaic-type floor tiles. It is versatile and adds a touch of refinement to any room. Moreover, the mosaic can become an attraction itself, without the need for extra furniture or other artificial elements that could overload the atmosphere.

Mosaic-type floor tiles are imposing and spectacular at the same time. The mosaic tiles have a great advantage: they create the illusion of a larger space, tricking the eye. Regardless of how you choose to use them, they will certainly break the monotony.

Carpet-like floor tile

Textiles are not always suitable for spaces with high traffic or prone to water leaks, such as bathrooms or kitchens, so using carpet-like tiles can be the ideal solution to create a memorable design.

The advantages of floor tiles are clear: easier cleaning, durability, and unique design. In addition, carpet-like tiles help you delineate space, so you will no longer need extra furniture or dividers to separate the living room from the dining area, for example.

You can create bold patterns with distinctive and authentic designs using such tiles, which are suitable for smaller spaces such as hallways or bathrooms, as well as open spaces. It is a very easy way to draw attention to a specific area of the home.

Carpet-like floor tiles encourage you to use your imagination, and their great advantage is that you can create amazing designs with elaborate patterns, wavy shapes, or vibrant abstract patterns.